Katie SanforD, MA, MFC

Jungian Analyst


Healing the split between nature and spirit

The Serpent and the Cross

Healing the Split through Active Imagination


Katie Sanford resides in Del Mar, California, where she maintains a private practice in Jungian psychotherapy and analysis. In the early 1950’s Katie studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, and in 1978 she became certified as a Jungian analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles.  At the age of 60 Katie received her MA degree from Antioch University and became licensed a Marriage and Family Counselor.

Katie considers herself fortunate to have been neurotic enough to seek help early in life. With her life falling apart, she first worked with Dr. Max Zeller, and later with Dr. James Kirsch as well as Hilde Kirsch, early Jungian analysts and co- founders of The Analytical Psychology Club of Los Angeles.  Katie’s continued search for a deeper meaning in life led her to study at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.  There she continued her analysis with Dr. Liliane Frey-Rohn, a close collaborator of C.G. Jung, and was granted a consultation with Dr. Jung.

For almost thirty years Katie engaged in “active imagination,” an analytic process bringing the unconscious into dialogue with the conscious ego. Her book, The Serpent and The Cross, presents the 62 archetypal paintings that emerged from this process. Katie has lectured and written on a variety of Jungian topics, including the shadow, the anima and animus, and the feminine. Excerpts from The Serpent and The Cross and number of Katie’s articles and lectures are included here.

In 2011 at 94 years of age, Katie continues to work with clients in her home of 60 years, to present lectures and workshops, and to provide leadership to the San Diego Friends of Jung.  Last year Katie appeared with Jack Kornfield in “The Red Book Dialogues” at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, in connection with the its exhibit “The Red Book of C. G. Jung: Creation of a New Cosmology,” and in 2011 she presented a lecture and workshop at the Southern Arizona Friends of Jung.


Who is Katie Sanford?

Katie discusses the beginning of her inner work.

Katie and Gilda Frantz at the Hammer Museum Red Book Dialogues in 2010.

How deeply felt,this dark locale.

A timeless torment of demonic strife Wherein man’s frantic searching soul

With awesome fear, counters shadow life.

Archaic chambers exposed to sight.

Destroyed complacency by spirits rent.

Shimmering treasures now are viewed   Into light reclaimed through horrors spent.

May 1967

Katie and Jack Kornfield presenting at “The Red Book Dialogues” at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.  Click the photo to go the a video of the presentation on the Hammer web site.

Antioch University, Los Angeles, profiled Katie and Gilda Frantz - to read the brief article, click here. Recent_Activities.html