Katie SanforD, MA, MFC

Jungian Analyst


Healing the split between nature and spirit

The Serpent and the Cross

Healing the Split through Active Imagination


The Anima and Animus

The Muddled Milk of Motherhood

Society and the Individual

The Shadow Workshop, Part 1

The Shadow Workshop, Part 2

The Serpent and the Cross

Katie’s Lectures - Listening Room

Katie has lectured frequently over many years on a variety of subjects.  On this page you can listen to and download audio recordings of Katie’s lectures on two of her favorite subjects, the Anima and Animus and the Shadow, as well as her book, The Serpent and the Cross, motherhood, and with fellow analyst Jack Sanford, Society and the Individual.  There is no cost to listen and download.

Katie’s lectures on the anima and animus complexes at the San Diego Friends of Jung.

Katie’s lectures in Santa Barbara, California, on her book, The Serpent and the Cross.

Katie discusses women’s prescribed roles within our patriarchal culture and the conflict felt by many “as they carry a tension between the instinctive drive for nature’s fulfillment through pregnancy and motherhood and the responsibility to express themselves as unique individual personalities.”

Katie and fellow San Diego analyst Jack Sanford lecture together at San Diego Friends of Jung.  Jack focuses on the relationship between society, the individual and the archetypes.  Katie discusses the nature vs. nurture argument and the power of archetypal energy, evil, and their manifestation in our contemporary Western culture.

In this 2010 workshop, Katie explores the role of the shadow in Jungian psychology.

Afternoon session of Katie’s 2010 workshop on the shadow.