Katie SanforD, MA, MFC

Jungian Analyst


The Serpent and the Cross

Healing the Split through Active Imagination



The Serpent and the Cross, in its first hardcover printing, contains full color, full page reproductions of each of Katie’s sixty-two archetypal paintings.  Each facing page contains Katie’s commentary, explaining the significance of the images.

Like Dante, who found that his path led into hell, purgatory, and beyond, those who find themselves drawn into their own divine comedy need a guide to accompany them along the way. If we enter into this underworld encounter, there are no guarantees as to where it will take us.

-Katie Sanford

On the “Lectures and Workshops” page you can listen to one of Katie’s lectures about The Serpent and the Cross.  You can listen to Katie being interviewed about The Serpent and the Cross by Brad Walton on Author Radio by clicking here.

Please note that The Serpent and the Cross was expensive to print due to the quality of the color reproductions of Katie’s paintings.  The price recovers only the cost of printing.

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