Katie SanforD, MA, MFC

Jungian Analyst


The Serpent and the Cross

Healing the Split through Active Imagination


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Katie has prepared written articles and presentations over the years, several of which are available as PDF files that can be viewed, save and printed.  Available writings are listed below.  Please click on a title to download a PDF file of the typed manuscript. There is no cost for access to these files.

In a mandala like circle containing the opposites of fire and water and penetrated by serpent and fire below and by the personal star and the Tree of Life above, the human woman is contained within the cross.  The light-bearing serpent approaches to explore the all seeing eye of painting 27 that is now being held in the woman’s hand.  Another long dialogue ensues in which I explore the human soul’s bondage and the need to fine a relationship to God.

The Serpent and the Cross, Painting 29, page 60, October 1967